I am fascinated by the elementary particles. They come in three flavors. (Who ordered that?) Often, they metamorph from one flavor to another. This mixing, like their masses, comes from interactions with the God Particle. I can’t believe that the God Particle was playing dice when he decided how much to couple with whom. I end up dreaming that a symmetry is hiding underneath this random extravagance of nature.

Some of these couplings of the God Particle can vanish. It was one of the ideas I explored in my doctoral research. I currently work on finding the patterns in these couplings. I hope this will illuminate the new hidden symmetry. Something similar had happened about a hundred years ago when the study of patterns in Hydrogen spectrum helped in discovering Quantum Mechanics.

My quest takes me into the mysterious realm of Dark Matter. It takes me back in time when a supernova exploded to cook some of the elements that today are part of my body. It takes me back to the beginning of time when the antimatter annihilated the matter in the universe. An infinitesimal part of the matter survived. I am awestruck by the mysterious force which rescued that part. All we perceive around us including ourselves is what remained after this primordial annihilation.

I am working on the research problems in Neutrino Physics, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy. I am also learning nonlinear dynamics and want to study its applications in neuroscience and ecology. I am also part of the India-based Neutrino Observatory.

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