The story​ of the universe

The universe doesn’t write its story. Yet, when we look to distant stars millions of light years away, we are looking at the story of the universe unfolding to us right now. Yet, we are also the part of the universe – we and the star we are looking at are made of the same stuff. When we look at a star in the night sky, it is the dust of the star itself that is looking at its own beauty. When any one of us contemplates the universe, it is the universe that is contemplating itself. This point of view might sound like mysticism. But, it is based on the reality that we are just atoms. If we view ourselves as a bunch of atoms, we are one with the universe. One might argue that we are more than the atoms. We have life and consciousness. But, the life and consciousness can just be two of the most amazing things the atoms do collectively. I also wonder if it is my life and my consciousness. Although, many human beings will like to believe that their life and their consciousness are something external to the universe and their arising is a violation of the universal laws. I believe that my life and my consciousness belongs to the universe as much as my atoms belong to the universe. In this sense, we are the like sense organs of the universe and, through us, it can be conscious of itself. The story of the universe will be our true story.



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